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For the purpose of complex project implementation we have included all the currently available types of windows running upon horizontal or vertical axes into the production program.

Round or oval windows on the horizontal axis manufactured on the basis of the German fitting units are the only solution for the complete opening of the round sash, and its 180-degree turn offers an opportunity of easy outside window maintenance from the room.

Fittings features enable us to produce round windows sized from 450 to 2000 mm in diameter and with a sash weight up to 100 kg.

Manufacturing rectangular windows upon the horizontal axis of rotation is usually associated with the implementation of projects requiring organization of panoramic opening sashes without casements. We offer our clients horizontal-rotating windows with a maximum sized up to 2 by 2.5 meters and with a sash weight up to 300 kg.

Balcony door windows on the vertical axis of rotation with a symmetrical or asymmetrical hinge arrangement are peculiar with non-standard and "fashionable" way of opening the sash weighing up to 175 kg.

All our types of hinged windows are usually designed to solve specific problems at the sites, they have a complex structure, advantages and disadvantages (for example, the possibility of using mosquito nets), and require major technological preparation for their manufacturing.