• входные двери
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  • входные двери
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  • входные двери
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  • входные двери
  • входные двери
  • входные двери
  • входные двери

Our outer doors are true to be innovative products.

The special design from larch, meranti and oak core stocks for the section of 68 and 78 mm ensures high stability and rigidity of the products.

The mechanical connection of doorframe parts has many advantages compared to alternative solutions and is unprecedented in Ukraine.

We managed to integrate the best German components – multipoint locks, hinges, the anti-theft devices, concealed door closers - into the door frame section and door leaves with two compaction circuits designed by our engineers.

German sill plate with thermal barrier provides good thermal insulation, has high wear resistance, allows to design outward and inward-opening outer doors.

The unique door panel design allows to design "blind" door leaves with an absolute guarantee of safety and security, and high level of heat and noise insulation.

Using the best German components, we are ready to manufacture fully automatic doors and integrate them into the overall safety system of the site.

The existing technology and a high level of design allow us to produce perfect quality modern (flush) doors and classical (frame) models, and a wide range of decorative fixtures and entails, and special glasses helps to create individual and unique entrances.