The purchase of wooden windows and doors, or any other expensive items and things, is usually accompanied by questions about the guarantee and service period

    Taking into account the natural aging processes of wood products many customers often consider explicit and better guarantee and service terms to be decisive when choosing the manufacturer. 


    Door units certificate

    Window units certificate

    Today, we offer a 3-year warrantee for manufactured interior doors and at least 5-year warrantee for window units. Conducted by German experts production certification by RSG system allows us, under certain conditions, to provide a guarantee of up to 10 years for the window structures. *

    Our service teams ensure quick solution of any issues at the sites during the guarantee and post-guarantee period.

    Our motto - "We are always hereabout" does actually work in practice. Today, we supply the products manufactured over 15 years ago, and keep in touch with our first customers.

    * For detailed information about the conditions of guarantee granting contact our employees in offices.