Our production of interior doors is a process combining traditional approaches to work with wood, state-of-the-art technologies and materials, as well as current design trends. 

We customize offering our clients the designed door models of all sizes or creating exclusive doors on orders of customers and architects.

The multi-layer wood gluing technology and 44-56 mm door panel thickness provide high stability products and allow us to produce door frames up to 2800 mm high.

Production process in which the basic operations are performed by CNC (computer numerical control) machines, highly qualified design engineers and workers are the guarantee of high precision manufactured products and their components.

Considering the high-stability operation of interior doors during a number of years to be most important, we have a responsible attitude to product design, we use robust hinges and locks of Italian and German origin.

Different door leaf models assembled on hanging rails can serve as sliding doors or partitions.

We almost do not restrict customers' wishes or intentions of designers, offering a large range of natural and backed veneers, any color product painting on RAL scale, a wide range of finishes and patinas special types, polishing surfaces, many different trim types, design strip, curved window sections.

We are ready for a deep individual and creative work with clients and architects, which, as a rule, results in unique door models.