About 18 years ago I first saw a wooden "eurowindow" which impressed me with its functionality and adaptability, especially being compared with wooden windows of the "Soviet" period which had a lot of disadvantages.
    Back then I had no professional education or experience in the woodworking industry as well as a neat plan of action, the initial capital or the credit facility, but I had the basic thing – a passionate desire to produce a beautiful, modern, and, most importantly, need by people product.
    Daily committed and creative work has allowed us to run the gamut from a small leased carpenter department to a modern woodworking enterprise over the past 16 years. We have formed a team of experienced engineers and workers, sales representatives and installers, have broadened the range of window systems and have launched the manufacturing of interior doors and interior elements.
    Our initial motivation with which we began this difficult business is still our principle and stimuli.
    We always do our best to build a fair and equitable relationship with our customers.
    We always strive to ensure the level of products and service above the expectations of our customers.
    We are constantly engaged in the modernization of production and technology, expanding the range of products, staff training, and are therefore ready for comprehensive implementation of the most complex projects.
    We aspire to increase production, but this process could never affect the quality of the finished product.
    Viacheslav Biriukov