Long-standing partnerships connect us with many Ukrainian companies engaged in the supply of equipment and tools, materials and component parts.

    Quality, complex and diverse products manufacture is impossible without the use of modern equipment and high quality cutting tools which are supplied and maintained by our partners:

    • "Woodworking Technology Center LLC", Kharkiv
    • " IMAK-Vostok LLC ", Donetsk
    • "Marketlis LLC", Kyiv
    • "Technocom-Ukraine LLC", Kyiv
    • “Stankodnepr LLC", Dnipropetrovsk
    • "Leitz -Ukraine LLC ", Kyiv
    • "Inmatech LLC ", Kyiv
    • "Universalservis LLC ", Kyiv
    • "Udacha SE", Kyiv


    Beauty and durability of our products depend largely on the application of high-quality wood and veneer, water resistant, noise- and fire-proof boards which are supplied by our partners under compulsory incoming quality inspection:  

    • "RDM PE", Donetsk - Siberian larch laminated veneer lumber supply
    • "JAF Ukraine LLC ", Kyiv
    • "Vezha LLC" , Kyiv
    • "Intershpon LLC ", Dnipropetrovsk
    • "Bomans LLC", Kyiv
    Our window and door systems functions are provided by advanced and reliable fitting components, special adhesives and sealants, wooden surface painting materials.
    A wide range of fitting, locks and hinge groups, special aluminum profiles, window and door handles being used defines a wide range of our supplying partners:
    • "VBH LLC ", Kyiv
    • "TBM- Ukraine LLC ", Kyiv
    • "GU-Ukraine LLC ", Kyiv
    • "Diva LLC ", Dnipropetrovsk
    • "Polymerservice LLC ", Dnipropetrovsk
    • "Celeste Trade LLC ", Odesa
    • "Modus LLC ", Kyiv
    • "Remmers-Ukraine LLC ", Kyiv
    • "Europroject Vostok LLC ", Donetsk
    • "Holtzbauhemme LLC ", Kyiv


    Double glazed and decorative glass products are compulsory elements of window systems and internal doors fulfilling certain functions and solving aesthetic tasks.
    A large variety of products ordered and the high demands on their quality have identified a set of our suppliers:
    • "Glass Trösch LLC ", Artemivsk
    • "Glass Technology LLC " , Kyiv
    • "Losk LLC ", Kharkiv
    • "Giz-Contact LLC ", Kharkiv
    And we certainly can’t imagine our development without interesting individual objects and major projects whose customers are famous commercial construction companies and architectural firms: 
    • "Centrinvest LLC ", Yalta, Crimea
    • "Dispomed LLC ", Kyiv
    • "Ukrvostokstroy LLC ", Donetsk
    • "Azovintex LLC ", Mariupol
    • "Zolotoe Sechenie LLC", Donetsk
    • "AK Engineering LLC", Kyiv
    • "SIK Editepe LLC ", Kyiv 
    • "Qualita plus LLC", Kharkiv