The new co-project with "Honka"

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We have enough experience in manufacturing and installation of window systems and internal doors in wooden houses of various constructions - made of massive round logs or laminated veneer lumber, which is as well applied by the Finnish company "Honka".


We like to work at the building projects of this Scandinavian manufacturer of wooden houses due to the high level of building design, precision in manufacturing elements, window and door openings, and good organization of installation works.



We would like to tell about the latter co-project with "Honka", having its own peculiarities.

In total cubing of the private home designed for day stay included the swimming pool area, fitness area with mini sauna and spacious living-dining room with a kitchenette.



The functionality and the architectural solution of the object identified the presence of large window openings, including the arch formed ones.

Large-sized arched skylight windows were manufactured from separate units that were raised separately and assembled during the installation.



All window structures were manufactured complete with interior and exterior wooden slopes, casing and cornices.

Product design and installation were carried out taking into account the settling of openings in the first few years and the need to maintain the wooden house.

An off-color of the windows and frames assigned by the customers coupled with light-colored wooden walls formed a vivid image of the building.

We are satisfied with the result of our work, which became possible due to our structural interaction with the contractors, as well as mutual understanding and trust of the customers.


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